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Variable Data Printing

Direct Mail

VDP means complete personalization for direct mail that’s highly relevant to each recipient. You can fully customize the color, style, font, copy, and images for each individual direct mail piece. It goes way beyond using consumers’ first names. You can include details such as maps to their nearest retail outlet or the specific types of products they buy, down to style and color. This deep level of personalization leads to increased response rates, lower cost per sale, and better return on investment. VDP’s low cost and ease of customization also make it simpler to test variables in your direct marketing packages, allowing you to fine-tune your efforts and get smarter with every campaign.

Retail and Restaurant Marketing

Our extensive arsenal of digital grand format devices allows Anderson/LA to successfully execute customized brand messages for store-specific sales and offers, regional marketing campaigns, in addition to custom pricing for restaurant groups, retailers and the service industries. Our technology platforms allow for easy customization of store-specific product promotions and pricing latitude providing franchisees and store managers the flexibility that they desire and the tools necessary to build effective local store marketing campaigns.