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Digital Asset Management

Anderson/LA’s Digital Asset Management program, Organize, brings order to your company’s valuable digital assets, preserving them in a secure, easy-to-use online library and facilitating efficient sharing.

Organize brings thousands of files together in a central location, organizes them for easy retrieval and provides instant online access to authorized users.

Your assets are organized into directories and hierarchies that provide easy access with precise control. Virtually every feature can be turned on for a specific account or user group so you can tailor permission levels to the broadest range of internal and external users. Complete control over access, modification and usage ensures that your company’s assets will be protected. Powered by a state-of-the-art, Level 4 data center and protected by robust backup processes, Organize ensures the ultimate in data security and integrity.

Organize puts the sum total of your company’s marketing assets at the fingertips of those charged with ordering reprints, updating collateral or creating new campaigns. Fully expandable, it can start small and grow with your company.

For more information read about Digital Asset Management, or visit the Organize page video.